The frontend guide to life, universe and everything is an inspiring, formative, cutting edge two days gathering of some of the best frontend developers and UX people in the world.

And Bologna is the perfect setting for a rather unique experience, which will skyrocket you in the inspiring frame of the Duse Theatre, one of the oldest theatres in the city.

In Via Cartoleria 42.

A picture of Alla Kholmatova

Alla Kholmatova

The modular design process

A picture of Ben Sauer

Ben Sauer

Open the pod bay doors, designer

A picture of Beth Dean

Beth Dean

Emotional Intelligence in Design

A picture of Dan Mall

Dan Mall

On Apprenticeships

A picture of Denys Mishunov

Denys Mishunov

Psychology of Performance

A picture of Hugo Giraudel

Hugo Giraudel

Local styling with CSS Modules

A picture of Jeremy Keith

Jeremy Keith


A picture of Lyza Danger Gardner

Lyza Danger Gardner

Everyone Else is So Clever

A picture of Léonie Watson

Léonie Watson

Developer's guide to accessibility mechanics

A picture of Marc Thiele

Marc Thiele


A picture of Mark Robbins

Mark Robbins

Modern CSS and interactive email

A picture of Patrick Hamann

Patrick Hamann

HTTP/2 What, where, why and when?!

A picture of Sara Soueidan

Sara Soueidan


A picture of Varya Stepanova

Varya Stepanova

Doing nothing for visual regression testing


Prices are going to raise getting closer to the conference.

Last tier tickets - 270€ - starting on the 5th of August
If you are a student please get in touch, we have a special discount for you.

Everyone involved in the conference needs to adhere to the Code of Conduct

The ticket includes full access to the 2 days of event. Any other perk (lunch, party, t-shirt, just to name a few) are not guaranteed unless officially announced.

Tickets are nominative and cannot be refunded under any circumstance, but they can be transferred. To transfer yours, you may send to the new attendee the link you receive from after the purchase: the new attendee can then change all the relevant ticket data. Ticket transfers will not involve From the Front staff directly. Due to printing deadlines, please transfer your ticket until 3 September 2016, if you really, really need to transfer them afterwards, please get in touch. Thanks for your understanding.



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