Sara Soueidan

When working on real life projects, you are more likely to come across edge cases and design challenges that require some creative thinking and problem solving, which may lead to less common and even hacky techniques. Dealing with SVG is not as predictable either; so, more than often, you'll find yourself asking which technique to use and why the one you thought to be ideal didn't work as expected or simply didn't suit the project requirements. Questions need to be asked, compromises made, but eventually getting a little creative with our ways we're able to solve our design challenges with the set of tools we have at hand, while we wait for the more powerful (and more suitable ones for the case at hand) to come along.

In this talk, Sara is going to share some real life and very practical tips and tricks that will inspire you to think differently and use tools to solve problems that they may or may not be supposed to solve. Brace yourself for a session full of useful tips, tricks and takeaways!

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